Sunday, March 11, 2012

Workshop Dates plus weekends! And a pattern overload photo frenzy!!

Hello again... where does the time go?

Firstly, I'm running a few workshop sessions again starting with March and April and the dates can be found over on my Workshop Blog here if you are interested in taking part in what always proves to be a really enjoyable few hours creating.

Meanwhile, back on this blog I have a number of pieces to share...

I have a feeling that pattern clash/overload/mix and match is the next up and coming craze- well thats my story and I'm sticking to has nothing to do (honest *cough*) with the fact I need to use up some of this enormous back log of pre patterned paper filling up the so called craft mountain that used to be a walk in sit down room. At the moment I have to put my hand around the door and grab what I can.

It turns out though I REALLY REALLY enjoyed making these and will be doing some more as not only are they using up my scraps, but are, I feel, commercial enough to actually give out as cards to REAL 'NORMAL' PEOPLE!!!

HAHA, you know what I mean, I'm sure.

They are illustrating images from the wonderful Janet Klein, one of the stamp artists for Stampotique. Janet's latest range is based on Alice in Wonderland, something I have a penchant for (ooo 'ark at me going all French), which can be found half way down this page linked here.

As you can see below, I added more pattern on the insides!!

And got out the coloured pencils for the stamped images.

Happy Unbirthday is from my range at Stampotique, but goes well with Janet's range don't you think?

I popped the Mad Hatter into a heart shaped 'flower' and added some words. Just sitting here thinking of you is also from Stampotique.

And finally, my favourite (if we can have faves)...I really enjoyed making this one inparticular, it fell into place.

Who can resist Chessy's grin!!

Well this post took an aaaaaaaage to set up. A cuppa is well and truly needed. Hope you liked it. See ya soon xx And if you are local to me please check out my workshops.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

toooo bad I am not in the area...I´d come hang out and look over your shoulder,,,just call me a pest why don´t cha........I can totally relate to using up alllll that pre-patterned paper...have a ton of it and I am on a mission right now...USE IT UP for god sakes why don´t I even!!! so this post hit home with me that is for sure. I agree these cards are definitely "sendable" to all our NORMAL friends out go put some in the mail today. I know I would.
Have a fab Sunday!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

loving this Jo, had seen these stamps but not seen their potential, but that be why you are a world class designer and I work in a bank . . LOL

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Thuis ia fantastic work Jo really amazing. lovely colors and composition. love and enjoy all the details.
Warm greets Marja

Sam & Poppy said...

They really are gorgeous cards Jo, though not sure if I'm normal or not. Loving the bagpuss look-a-like! xxx

PetraB said...

brilliant cards, love the colours and the humour in the cards

Sid said...

Great cards Jo, love the patterns !

Gery said...

Such a shame I'm not a local. Would have loved to do a whorshop from you.
I really love, love, love your colourfull cards.
They are so bright and friendly and they cheer you up.
Till now I only made tags with my leftovers, but you inspired me to do a lot more with them. Thanks.
xGeryx said...

Thought I'd landed on the wrong blog then!!! Pink & Green my fave combo atm and you do it so well!!

Why'd ya have to show me those stamps??? I've just managed to restrain from buying some AW ones, now I've got itchy palms!

See you and the mad essex one on the 21st :D

Claire xxx

Catherine SIWCZAK said...

excellent !

Netty said...

Loving all the cards and the fab array of colours and designs. Annette x

Willy said...

Such a special set of cards, Jo! Love them!

Anne Jagger said...

Love them.

Carol Q said...

Lovely to see you posting Jo. Great cards - all those different patterns work so well together!

Gez Butterworth said...

Great cards Jo.. Good Luck with the classes x

Nigel said...

Love these cards, but I think I'll need an eye test after all that patterning being burnt into my retinas :p


Unknown said...

A bit late seeing thing - was zonked out after lipreading classes.

Now even with my eyesight these fantabulous cards look really bright and happy and glorious and truly brightened up my day. I think you are right - once I get the cataracts done and new implants (no not that sort, the seeing ones) then I might have to get myself a cool pair of shades. Do you think you could design some with some of your luscious patterns on here? Wouldn't they just be great? They'd go with every outfit in every colour of a kaleidoscope - how about a new line?

As soon as I get my 'new' eyes I'll be coming to one of your workshops - so it's going to be later in the year/summer.

Anonymous said...

These are all fab Jo! Love the colours and patterns, they fit the stamps so well! Great job!

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