Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stampotique and Alice Mash Up

Spotted this Alice tribute theme over on the Stampotique Designer's blog- an Alice based theme using the Stampotique stamps, so I thought I'd gather a few Stampotiques together and have a go. I've discovered I need a new black... and some card... and pretty much just 'lots of materials' since all my old gear has seen better days lol. So I'd better get gathering some .

And here's a photo I took using a black and white option on my camera... kind of suits the story I think. Reminds me of the flickering black and white silent movie shots.

Will post it on to their Facebook page tomorrow...need to get straightened up here now and get to sleep ...night night x


Helen said...

it's beautiful in both colour and the black and white option!

Crafty She said...

Gorgeous Jo, gotta love Jasmin, she is beautiful. x