Thursday, January 07, 2010


(click on the image to enlarge as you can see the sparkle)

Well having just spent the last 32 hours with no power at all (no heating or means of cooking anything etc etc) time seems to go very slowly indeed. I think I'd have been ok if it was just me, or my husband and I, but with the kids it adds that extra pressure doesnt it as the temperature dropped to an all time low last night. Today Dave was able to tackle the snow and ice and drive towards the coast to hire a cylinder heater. Managed to get the last one available.

Any there was no electricity I couldnt get my updates done obviously, so I'm running a day or so late here (time related again lol). I had a face on me like the girl above for two days... an 'I am not amused' face lol

For starters here's one of the pieces for the new challenge theme over on Gingersnap Creations which was announced yesterday. The sponsor this month is Serendipity Stamps who have kindly donated stamps for the DT to work with (which I used here to create this tag and tag pocket), aswell as provide some free blog candy for a lucky Gingersnap follower.

I'm off for a cuppa to warm up then to jump in the bath just incase the power decides to disappear again. I would have been rubbish living in the Victorian times. Think I'd have been a spinster lol.

Will post more cards in the morning, electricity willing xx


Artyjen said...

Hope the power stays on and you keep warm! I seem to remember the power was always going off when I was little and we lived in the country...not much fun!

Tinkertaylor said...

I don't think I would have had a happy face either! Beautiful card love the sentiment. It's snowing again here up North so I think I'll make my way to the craft room.

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your power, Jo! We had a 4 day power outage a little over a year ago, but that was thankfully in September, not January!!! Stay safe and warm. Love the card, BTW!!!!!

Cath Wilson said...

OOOh, Jo - we had no power a few weeks ago and it doesn't half make you realise how much you depend on it, especially in this weather. Hope it stays on now - it's cold enough with power!

Lovely creation - it's so simple and so pretty - beautifully designed :)

Elaine G said...

Poor you Jo, you have my sympathies about the power. We have overhead power lines and I have been waiting for the weight of the snow to bring them down! We are just recovering from three days without water. I dived in the bath and wallowed gratefully when it came back on this morning I can tell you!

Brilliant card. Your ability to switch between different styles is to be envied.

I'll look forward to your forthcoming updates - in the meantime I hope you enjoyed your cuppa and bath!


Julie said...

Sorry about the power situation, Jo! Hang in there! I love reading about the old days and watching all the beautiful Jane Austen movies and all, but I'm with you--I think when it comes right down to it--I'd much rather be right here right now! I need my electricity/heat/conveniences! Here's hoping you get some relief soon!

Love your beautiful card!

Helen said...

Hope you manage to stay warm - I hate the idea of losing power - so far so good! Love the work though.

Lottie said...

So sorry to hear about the power cut - but glad you are up and working again.

This little ensemble looks truly vintage - so genteel and feminine - I can't tell you how much I love it - not got the vocabulary to explain

Karin said...

It's a fabulous tag and pocket Jo, Really beautifully.
Hope you don't get any further disruption.

Sandy said...

Happy New Year Jo for you.

Your work is a deam. So wonderful design. Love it.

Kim Piggott said...

Oh no poor you Jo I so hate it when we loose the electric and how cold is it not funny at all!
Even when the power comes on it takes days to feel warm again!
Your creations are just so very beautiful!
They are so very stunningly design and I so love your designs and colours with gorgeous sparkle just pure perfection!
I am keeping everything crossed for you that your power stays ON!
kim x

Summerthyme Studio said...

HOw elegant Jo~ Happy New Year! I sent you an invite for the Stampotique Designers Yahoo group today.....hope you'll join us soon



Shar said...

So sorry to hear that you were without electricity and heat! Yikes. Stay warm!

Your tag and pocket are utterly stunning!

Cheryl said...

oh hun love this its so beautiful wonderful really feel for you with no power as this frequently happens to us stay safe hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

joanne wardle said...

hope you get warm!
the tag and pocket are gorgeous.

NETTI said...

Oh my gosh, Jo - you poor things!!
But what a hero your husand was to brave those conditions to get a heater.
It feels cold enough in my house WITH the heating on....I just can't imagine not dying in the sort of cold you must have had to put up with and no fod or lights either.....horrid! Just like the 1960s all over again!!

craftimamma said...

Gorgeous tag and pocket. So delicate and pretty.

Sorry to hear of your lengthy power cut. We are so spoiled these days aren't we but I'm with you, I like my cosy central heating and hot water at the turn of the tap. Hope it stays on for you now.

Lesley Xx

Joanne said...

Know how you feel Jo. Our power has been off 5 times since the Saturday before Xmas and 2 of those were in the middle of the night. Your poor fingers must have been the first 'bits' to thaw though judging by the lovely tag and pocket. x

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful card Jo! So elegant and lovely! Hope your power is up and running today. I know that feeling; we went through it last year, here, during an ice storm. We were without for 8 days. xxoo

Rein said...

Love your tag and pocket!

Zoechaos said...

Guessing you are Hampshire based know that some parts have had serious loss of power with this cold spell. Hope its all behind you now and you are all safe and warm

Love what you have done here very delicate and pretty without being 'cute'.