Thursday, June 02, 2011

Stampers' Sampler blast from the past

What with Blogger playing me up and also being maaaaaaaad busy with 'secret stuff' for publishing and also new stamp designs etc, my blog has been a bit lonely.


Anyway, today it's time for a post.

Talking of magazines, I had a big big suprise when I discovered that I had a couple of items using Third Coast stamps in the latest Stampers Sampler. These pieces were sent in 5 or 6 years ago!!! So never give up hope of seeing your items you send overseas published. The images I have of them are not good. It was back in the day when clarity of a photo didn't seem that important to me it seems!! haha! So thankyou to Stampington for getting the focus right on these two.

This card I remember being really pleased with myself for doing lol...I'd stamped on purple acetate for the first time and flipped it over to create a mirror image.

This is an altered tobacco tin. The edge was all thick gold utee I think (?) with a really small perfectly formed shell in the centre of the opening.

But even though time has passed on these two, I still like them and its not often I can say that about pieces of mine that are 5+ years old :0) (ideas and techniques move so quickly don't they).

Another post tomorrow. Playing catch up :0)


Godelieve said...

Well, that's a nice, unexpected surprise. Congrats!

Suze Bain said...

Wow, these are beautiful pieces. Congratulations! xx

G Peplow said...

WOW Jo they're fantastic, I've not seen either of them before and I love both. The colours on the first are beautiful and the purple acetate and reverse image works brilliantly for the second. Congratulations on more published art work:0) xxx

flutterbycrafter said...

These two pieces are gorgeous and well done on getting them published, at last! xx

Willy said...

What a great surprise, Jo!

Anonymous said...

They might be 5 years old but they still look amazing now - Congrats on being published!

Elaine said...

It was great to see your work when I opened my new copy of Stampers Sampler last night. Well done. I love this image andI really like the idea of mirroring on the acetate - must give that a try!

Elaine x

Helen said...

I got my copy last week and did mean to email you, but life happened. Congratulations - fancy them keeping them all this time. Just shows how many submissions they must get. They are lovely, by the way.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Congrats Jo that's a big surprise.
I love the images. Beautiful
groetjes Marja

Kaz said...

These are fab Jo especially as you made them so long ago - I don't like things I made a while ago.
Well done on getting published again xx

joanne wardle said...

well, about time!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - these are just the biz - absolutely, totally, gorgeous. I have just used that stamp this past week. It's my favourite stamp out of the set.

I just love the tin - and the card is just to clever - mesmorising

I am thrilled you were published. Sandly I don't get that magazine - wish I had.

I love your work in this months Craft Stamper too - your 'take' on cards is just so original

Gez Butterworth said...

Great stuff Jo.
I love that stamp & haven't seen it in ages. A blast from the past!
She is gorgeous :)
Many Congratulations 5 or 6 years eh? That must have been a real surprise!
Can't wait to pick up CS tomorrow.
Have a great weekend..xx

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Great design never ages does it.
Good that Stampington brings such things out of their moth balls.
Congrats and have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

Morning Jo. Love these, they are gorgeous. I got my magazine last week and was reading it in the bath last night! Loved seeing your ART. S xx

StampDancer said...

I think these are wonderful! Love the stamps.