Saturday, September 12, 2009

An excellent afternoon...

Well what an excellent afternoon I've just had.

A month or so back my forum friend Karin mentioned to me there was a workshop at the South Stamp Show in Worthing taken by Lin of LB Crafts which would cover the Ten Seconds Studio equipment. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

So sitting at the table next to Karin from Chrysalis forum, opposite Crafty Trog aka Alison from UK Stampers forum with our little bit of kit we'd all been given to make the example with (I was very excited, talked way too much, sorry Lin), who should walk in but Helen Chilton who's also on the Craft Stamper DT with me but I've never met..

This is what we made...its a little wrap which reveals a metal frames paper Arsty image. Sorry re poor pics, the lights fading fast.

And then afterwards went off for (another) spend up at the stand. I also think Karin should be on commission as just when I thought I'd bought all I needed, I was talked into 'you have to have this' pearl metal.

REALLY enjoyed it.

Couldnt have done it without Dave sorting out the afternoon with the kids. xx

Heres the stash of crafty items I ended up getting.Lots of metally bits and pieces, crackle and stuff to alter.

If ever you have an opportunity to take any of Lindas classes I highly recommend it. It was the fastest hour ever.
I also met a friend of 'Crafty Trogs', Jackie, who had made a card using the technique I featured in this months Craft Stamper (a couple of posts lower than this- Branching Out). That was really strange meeting someone in real life that's read my article and actually was inspired to make something. I've experienced it online but never face to face, so thanks very much for showing me it was a wonderful effect using the fern.

I enjoyed every minute. I see now why people love workshops. That was my first one ever but certainly wont be my last.

Thanks girls for a wonderful afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Nice bit of stamping and metalwork Jo! Funnily enuf I have one very similar! Lovely lot of stash you bought too, very difficult to resist on Linda's stand! I brought home a few bits too! Was lovely to meet you, been a fan of your work for ages! I'll let my friend Jackie know you've given her a mention. xx

Helen said...

I dashed off to Worthing AFTER going to the Craft Barn!! I love Linda's stand too - in fact she was the main reason I decided to go - can't wait for Ally Pally! I have never done one of her classes - can't get to Olney easily (don't have a car) but would LOVE to do one!

lottie said...

Oh lucky lucky you - what a fantastic stash you came home with (hope you left enough in the bank to feed your 'men' at home) LOL

Fabulous work of art too. I might just see if I can go to a workshop for my 60th birthday. Husband wants a trip to London - but it is MY birthday LOL

I have never ever been to a workshop and would so love to go!

Helen said...

Jo, thanks for popping over to my blog! I went to both by train, actually!!

Yours Artfully said...

Glad you enjoyed the class Jo. It was just a taster session really, next time I do a class in your neck of the woods, I'll step it up a level. Having said that everyone's frames turned out fab!It was lovely to see everyone so excited about meeting their online friends. I'm sorry I didn't get back to the stand before you left. Have fun with your new stash. Lin

Anonymous said...

Love your piece. Sounds like it was a fun class!

Chris said...

Wow, some fab stash there, Jo and I love what you've made.

I'd love to go to one of Lin's classes too but I don't think she comes up north. lol

Chris Arlington said...

If that was your first workshop ever why are you so clever and talented. What do they feed you there? LOL Your metal work looks fab. Try running it thru cuttlebug folders too and altering it. I am sure you will do something wonderful.
Hugs, Chris

Kim Piggott said...

Wow so much talent in one room oh to have been there just to watch you all work!
Your creation is just amazing Jo!
That metal certainly adds a wonderful depth and detail to your project! So glad you had a wonderful time.
kim x

Sid said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time Jo, I attended my first only the other week and loved it too!!

Jennie said...

Jo sounds like fun, was asked to do the show, but had Aimee's Graduation ceremony.. pics on blog later; so bittersweet for me :(
Never done one of Lin's classes, but beginning to think I should :)
Are you coming to Ally Pally?

Stamperlou said...

I am jealous- I would have loved to do this workshop, but I run the Crafter's Companion stand at the show, so I'm a bit too busy!! Glad you had a good day!

Carrie said...

wow - cool haul of stash there Jo - I have to admit to loving TSS stuff and the class definitely looks like it was worth it, love the wrap. Glad you had a good time too. xx

Jackie. said...

Thank you for your kind comments on the card I made for Alison, Jo. It was lovely to actually meet you, and your project in the CS was a real inspiration. I would NEVER be brave enough to put a photo of all the stash I had bought from Lin on my blog!!! It comes into our house under cover of darkness! : )
All the best to you.
Jackie Thornhill

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wish I'd been there to meet everybody. Sounds like a great class. Love what you all made,

Lucy x