Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love Your Blog Award

I woke this morning to see I'd received two nominations for the 'I love your blog' award.

Thankyou so much to Louise (produces gorgeously classy work and owns Art Journey) and to Janny (creates fabulously tactile mixed media artwork full of colour), both from the Netherlands.

The rules are...
This award is for blogs you really like to visit. As most of the awards go, you are to nominate seven blogs with their blog links, email them, post this award on your blog with the link going back to the person who awards you the award, and then they nominate or award seven blogs.

So my seven this time (always very difficult to pick just 7 but I tried to make sure you hadnt received it already- apologies if you have) are...



Hazel said...

Thanks so much, Jo, I love your blog too :-)

Anonymous said...

wow thanks Jo - I take that as a real compliment,,especially coming from someone Ive admired for quite some time.

Carrie said...

Thanks from me too Jo :0))))))))and you also deserve this award several times over.

joanne wardle said...

cheers mate!!

Anonymous said...

It's well deserved!

Debby said...

Well I love your blog too! I have something else for you on my blog. Have a great day!