Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged, tagged and tagged again

..........so I suppose I give in lol :0)

I warn you now...if you have a nervous disposition or have an OCD that includes tidiness, leave now rofl

First of all I was tagged by Deb with the '7 things about me that you didnt know' tag. So I'll start with that....in no particular order...

1) I was born on April the 20th and share a birthday with Napoleon, Hitler, Harold Lloyd, Leslie Phillips (well, hel-llllo of Carry On fame) and Joan Miro. Lucky for me I was born 4 days late - whys that lucky? Well Mum hadnt a clue what my name was going to be and on the 16th(due date) she was certain I was having the name BUNTY!!!!!!!!!

BUNTY!!!!!!! for goodness sake rofl (sorry all those Buntys out there...but if you knew me you'd see its not the most ideal choice rofl)

2)I have a belly button phobia. Can't even touch my own.

3)I have two sons. Zak (16) and Kane (4)...bit of a gap in age- you may have noticed lol. I met my husband Dave 6 years ago (who incidentally 8 years my junior ;0) ) and decided to have Kane before I felt really old and worn out lol

and now I am... lol

so I choose to live in a tranquil place like this now as city life is too manic.

4) I have titchy toes (a normal big toe but all my other toes are only 2cm long(3/4 of an inch)

lol....you still there??? Anyone?? lol

5)I ran my own latex/rubber/pvc alternative clothing business in Europes gay capital, Brighton...... and learnt a lot about real people, lives, and what makes different people tick.

6)I am very intuitive , almost to the level of feeling freaky about it.

7)I'm not a tactile person at all. I'm very caring Mum and am constantly giving (due to caring for a family member 24/7) but dont see myself as 'huggy'....more of a 'pat-pat' kinda person lol.

....still want to be my friend lol.....hello-lo-lo-lo?

Is there anybody there-there-there lol

Right...well thats good, you've all tippy toed away so wont get to see the wonderful craft space I have (chortle)

I was tagged by Nicole and Nellie to show my craft table/space as it was left the last time I used my stuff.


you sure rofl

Right well the first pic is of the table I work at in the lounge due to being unable to access the room I have for crafting in as it has so much stuff in it rofl

These other pics show areas dotted around the house (rubon tower ink/paint drawers and wood mounted stamp storage (um's are in other places lol)...the stamp storage pic has been trimmed carefully so as not to show the rest of the room which looks like we've been burgled rofl...I weave into the room walking the tightrope width path I've created to get to the stamp drawers...then pirouette daintily(yeah right), stamp in hand to exit rofl

Thanks for reading and all the great comments you guys leave. :0)

Who do I tag??....well if you havent been tagged already and you fancy showing/telling your version of the above then I'd love to see it. :0) Tag...you're it!! Especially KAZ. :0)


Cris said...

ROTF!!!!!!!!! So sorry Jo, I couldn't make it past that one without peeing in my pants...that is just too dang funny. You know I love you perks and all...great post!!

Penny said...

He-he,you're no Bunty!! ROFL! Makes me think of a horsey schoolgirl drinking lashings of lemonade...

Oh and a nice stamp shop you have there!! *sniggers*. Seriously, that hanging thingy is great!

Gillian said...

lol @ warning to those of nervous disposition, looks organised enough that you can find things, even though you have to dance your way there and back!
Bunty - ROFL!!!, couldnt see it suiting somehow!
some interesting facts their jo lol

seriously - great read and thanks for sharing.

Greensleeves said...

The only Bunty I know of is 90-years-old, and I presumed this name is a relic now. It would make a fab username though, Jo.
Thanks for sharing all your bits, so no hugging then when we meet.
Can I double my hugs to Dave then? lol

Carrie said...

Jo - thanks for sharing this and cherring me up - unfortunately? or not maybe but I can identify with your craft room organisation - sounds very familiar.

Just reading the Stampers Sampler at the minute and thought I would let you know it looks more impressive on paper - well done.

Anonymous said...

okay Bunty, er, um, i mean Jo....you know you will never hear the end of that one from me, lmao. Of course you know i love the pic of where you live....looks like heaven :o) As for your craft space.....just what i suspected but only neater ;o)

Kaz said...

I can't believe the beautiful creations you make come from all that......er......untidiness.
Bunty lol minds me of the comic. loved it though.
I want your stamps, obviously, and I love the little rotating thingy with the rub ons hanging on it, how cool is that?!!!

thanks for that, t'was a fun read!!

Sheens said...

Great read Bunty, oops, sorry Jo.
I am in awe of the sheer number of stamps you own. Having been lucky enough to have visited your "mansion" and seen your craft space in real life.....all I can say is....my dining table looks like that too!!!!

DymphieM said...

*lol* thanks for the laugh. Love your place.

glitterangel said...

I need a lie down after the shock of seeing your craft space, he he he. I'm a bit weird and I really need a tidy space to work in (unusual for a crafter I know). I'm very jealous of the amount of stamps you have though!

PMB said...

interesting....*steps aways really slowly* Your work area looks so much tidier than it used to lol

Nicole said...

Your workspace looks a bit messy, but great to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your 7 Random things. What a wonderful sense of humor you have, and apparently, so does your mother! Bunty??

The spinning rack with the clips that you use for your rub-ons is so cool! Wherever did you find something like that?

deb said...

Bunty!!!!! beats what my mom was going to call me, lol, and no I'm not going to tell you :o)

Sarah said...

an absolute classic read!!!!!!!that made me laugh!!

Bunty!! xx

Barbara said...

AWWW I want to give you a hug. :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I keep a yard stick by my computer to do Ebay measurements, and just had to measure my toes after reading this. They might be a bit "titchy" too. But they are a full inch, so maybe not!


carlene federer said...

LOL Jo, you are a riot...I KNEW your art space was a mess! Can't believe how gorgeous it is where you live! Maybe someday I'll get there for a visit, and we'll give each other a huge pat when we meet, roflmao!

Flower said...

oh! I was laughing after number one and nearly pee'd myself at the end of number 3! LOL Your sense of humor is too much! lol Hellllo?

My table space is similar to yours (though usually worse.) Hubby thought I was the only one who could create amongst so much chaos. You validated my mess - thanks! lol

Elizabeth said...

hey can I come over and play with you?

xox - eb.

est26 said...

hey there Bunty ;) You have the same illness as me...craftyslobbery...for which I have found no known cure as yet...I am certain it is incurable!!!
Great stamp collection tho...if you fancy off loading any I am sure I could "adopt" a few for you!!!

POSSUM said...

What a lot of Great Goodies You Have How i would love to be able to tip toe through this room with you...How wonderful what a treasure...I an getting a little like this myself???But I just a little space under the stairs full of plastic storage and "Ikea" trays screwed under my shelves and jar's and boxes,My Husband thinks I am crazey!!!But there you go.We just can't all be PERFECT at everything can we..Best Wishes...