Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tim at the Barn.

Well...yesterday I had the most enjoyable time.

I drove to my online friend's house (our first time in meeting in real life) Is and on to The Craft Barn 15 minutes further. Isabelle demos there so it was really handy that she knew where it was, where to park etc . The afternoon's agenda for me was buying a few crafty items....watching a free two hour demo given by Tim Holtz...a bit more craft shopping(well a lot more actually) - to stretch my legs you understand mid way through the demo lol- welllllll while I was walking round the shop I thought I may aswell buy a few more bits rofl.

The demo itself was very interesting. Its the first demo I've ever been to. I'm more a 'try it and see' type artist but yesterday was just my cuppa!! I picked up a few tips and really enjoyed watching someone else work through examples at such a pace. Tim Holtz was very 'easy listening'...maybe its because its such a female dominated area(stamping and mixed media) that its a real pleasure to see a guys point of view and approach, and was happy to answer any questions.

So, now I have a few new bits and pieces to play with (my hubby handed me some money as I left the house to treat myself) so keep an eye out for new creations!


Penny said...

Wow! sounds like a fantastic day! I would love to see what you create using your new goodies :)

Penny x

deb said...

Fab photo and sounds like you had a fantastic day, not jealous in the slightest, honest :o)

Nicole Z. said...

Sounds great dear, excited to see your new creations. ;))

joanne wardle said...

sooooo jealous!!
and bless Dave!

isauk said...

yeah, you only did a "little" shopping there, didn't you !? LOL
Great meeting you mate ! and yes, it was a fab afternoon !!

Sarah said...

How jealous am I, I would off loved to have seen Tim Holtz doing a demo. Sounds like a great day.

Kaz said...

OMG you lucky thing. I'd love to see Tim demo!!!