Saturday, January 20, 2007 goes.

Round two..ding...ding lol

Having been 'encouraged' to get a blog up and running again by she that shall remain nameless 'cough *Audrey* cough'- here goes.

Thanks to Joanne for the inspirational reminder for the title of my new blog.

I feel that I should have something new to show you craft wise.... or at least something exciting to say, but I guess thats what blogging is all about... accepting that every day isn't one long Coke advert lol

I shall be tweeking and fixing this site as I go, so apologies if it appears a bit 'My First Blog'.

and just to test the pics section ....heres my latest piece that I created for Wednesday Stamper where this week the theme was Timepiece.

Thanks for stopping by....hope to see you again ;0)


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness....and it's about time(no pun intended toward your piece)you got your blog going :o) This bracelet is wonderful....maybe one day i wll be able to make something like that.

joanne said...

well it looks darned professional to me! of course the title is the best bit, hee hee. of course I love the bracelet, really really love it!

deb said...

Good looking blog Jo, another one to add to my favourites.

This bracelet is stunning.

Nicole Z. said...

Great bracelet dear! Love your work. ;)

carlenelf said...

Congrats on your new blog Jo! Love your Wednesday Stamper piece, and the theme was very fun!