Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alphabet ATC swap..A and B

I am at the beginning of what seems like one of the maddest swaps ever for me. I have agreed to an Alphaswap with Is Norris. (For those that are going 'a what??''s working your way through the alphabet depicting each letter of the alphabet with a chosen word on an ATC.)

The reason its quite a daunting task is I've only recently got the hang of ATC's having pushed the whole concept way way to one side as the designs I initially set off with were flat as a pancake.

The heaviest influence, and when my entire out look changed on ATC, was just before Christmas when my forum took part in a forum to forum swap with a group of stampers from Holland run by Nellie van Leeuwen. I took great inspiration from Nellie and fellow artists.

Here are the first two of the alphaswap.

'A for ARCH' and 'B for BUTTERFLY'( it had to be really as I live in a house called Papillon :0) )


is said...

WOWOWOWOW !!! now the pressure is ON !!!
I absolutely LOVE them Jo !! can't wait to see them IRL !
Must do mine today !
Well done mate !!!

deb said...

Brilliant start to what will no doubt be a fantastic collection of ATCs. Well done Jo.

joanne said...

wonderful. can't wait to see the rest! truly inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Jo....these are fabulous. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the alphabet. The top one with the arch is my favorite. I think i am going to have to get that stamp after seeing you use it.

Barbara said...

You just can't tell me your are over you head with these. They are masterpieces. Beautiful work Jo.

Nellie said...

They are gorgeous Jo. I can assure you it's such a fun thing to do an alphabetswap! Thanks for the credits :-)

Nicole Z. said...

These are gorgeous dear! Love the ATCs you made. ;)
Perhaps we can do a swap in the future. ;)

Zuzu's Blog said...

I love them Jo .. they are beautiful